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Happy is the man whose lot it is to know the secrets of the earth. He hastens not to work his fellows hurt by unjust deeds but with rapt admiration contemplates Immortal Nature's ageless harmony and how and when her order came to be.

Euripedes (c.480-406BC)

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5th September 2018
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The Summer Field Trip season has now ended for both Oldham Micro and Saddleworth Naturalists. Only the indoor programmes are now listed.

What to expect:

Oldham Micro:

Come and meet us in the foyer at Gallery Oldham Saturday 29th September 2018.

Weekly (in term) indoor meetings with Local sightings, observations, equipment practicals and occasional informal presentations. 
Extensive Library.

Saddleworth Naturalists: Monthly indoor
natural history slide shows, local sightings.
P.S. Oldham U3A Birders Group run monthly field trips throughout the year with assistance for beginners. - Link at Top right - Booking essential

Our neighbours at
Rochdale Field Naturalists Society.
run an extensive indoor and outdoor
programme  throughout the year
Use our links page (Top left) to find details.