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Send me your news on events and sightings in Oldham and surrounding districts and not too distant places of interest and I'll mediate publication on a programme page or sightings on this page. If you wish anonymity provide a nom-de-plume/pseudonym and a contact means for myself in case of queries or clarifications..
Some wildlife has traditionally suffered from persecution and it may not be wise to publish too accurate a description of locations etc.
Such species as Badgers, Foxes, Deer, Otters, Birds of Prey and even Swans have been harmed in this area and we must not lose sight of the fact that not everyone will act in the best interests of them.
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26th April 2018
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Please Note:  This element of the website is not attracting any great contribution and is not an easy, quick way to spread news or provide information.
I would be interested to hear if there is any support for starting a Facebook group.